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Stand with Tennessee children and demand action from Governor Bill Lee.


Now that the Pfizer-backed American Academy of Pediatrics has “followed the science” by suggesting that all children should be wearing masks in schools, Tennessee’s Marxist Nazis like Shelby County Schools have decided to once again mandate masks for staff and students for the 2021-2022 school year.

This is not only unacceptable, but it is also unlawful!!!!!! No school district in the state of Tennessee has been given authority by the General Assembly to make requirements for masks in schools!

We are calling on Gov. Bill Lee and the TN General Assembly to take action now against these liberal tyrants. LEAD and protect children from harmful mandates that have nothing to do with science or health, but everything to do with a political agenda. You have a duty to act.

Citizens should not have to spend their time in the courts to preserve their rights. That is what we elect our legislators and our Governor to do. So, here’s your chance. Please do it.

Parents, you have a God-given responsibility to protect your children and defend their rights. Sending them to school in masks because you don’t feel like fighting is not an excuse. Stand up to these tyrants. Do not fold.



Most likely, you'll be met with one or more of the following objections.

  1. These are not decisions made by the Governor's office. These are local decisions made by local school boards.
  2. The schools are working hard to follow guidelines set forth by health experts.
  3. This is a matter for the General Assembly, not the Governor's office.
  4. The Governor supports personal choice and is not in favor of mandates.
  5. Mask mandates will go away once our children have the opportunity to be vaccinated.
  6. The legislature is not in session and nothing can be done before school starts.
  7. Contact your local school board.

Here's how you push back. Here's the truth and why all of those excuses are just exactly that, excuses.

School boards draw their authority directly from the General Assembly. They are a state entity...not a local county or municipal authority.

Their authority is strictly defined by the General Assembly. They do not get to make their own rules.

The Governor has the constitutional power to call the General Assembly into session RIGHT NOW and have the legislature address this matter immediately.

The Governor can act immediately by executive order (pending legislative action) to restrict these actions of the school board. If he can close your private business by executive order, surely he can use the same power to protect our children from tyrannical state agencies.

Per T.C.A. §49-1-201, The commissioner of education (Penny Schwinn) is responsible for the implementation of law or policies established by the general assembly or the state board of education. She also has the duty to see that the school laws and the regulations of the state board of education are faithfully executed.

As these mandates are unlawful and no authority has been given to local school boards or superintendents to make these policies, Ms. Schwinn has the statutory authority to put a stop to the mandates. Guess who Ms. Schwinn works for? She works directly for Governor Bill Lee.


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